An Introduction:

I am another white, heterosexual, heteronormative, heterostupid man, and all I the knowledge I have accumulated over my 29 years of life has to do with either films, literature, or television. But I was lazy in college (duh, like, super duh), and am lazier now, despite somehow acquiring enough smarts on each subject to hold my own in a conversation on any these topics (it helps that I’m loud, stubborn, and the son of lawyers–one a Jew, one a Greek, neither keen on giving ground in an argument).

Though I can’t bring myself to give up on writing, as I have, for most of my life, considered myself a burgeoning key pecker, I must say I can’t imagine doing this full-time-enough to become a stud at it. And while the breadth of the Internet allows for all those faint voices to find a permanent echo chamber, well, it’s existence for the Writer of Today is still a gift and a curse; mostly a curse, mostly a fucking curse.

But here I am writing the pain in deeper, instead of drinking it away (I can’t drink, because my stomach won’t handle anything other than Malibu and Soda’s without giving me the burning burps), and so I guess I’m stuck with this life. It’s a good life, don’t get me wrong, but what’s a writer without self-pity, despair, cynicism, jolts of blind optimism, never enough sleep, too much indulgence, and a fuck ton of info, factoids, thoughtful insights, and unbending opinions on topics everyone else cares just enough about to have opinions on of their own, but hopefully still want to read about.

Better writers? They exist. Go find them. But this blog? It’s all mine. And these words, they are mine, too (fuck off, Merriam).

Since I don’t care enough about this being television’s “golden age” of self-serious garbage to watch it in bulk, let alone write vigorously on the subject, and GoodReads has all of my little, shitty, short and wild book reviews comfily confined in its stringent format among the thousands of other well-intentioned reviews from all the other big-brained readers out there, this will be a home for thoughts on movies, the stray garbled fiction piece, and a smattering of other writings, if I so choose to write them at all.



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